Frieda’s Desserts is committed to creating beautiful desserts that taste as incredible as they look. Our products are made using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients the world market has to offer. Each little work of sweet art is designed by our fourth generation Certified Meister Pastry Chef, Armin Hack. As you savor the tastes of Frieda’s, you can enjoy the handcrafted delights which represent four generations of hard work and dedication to the art of pastries.

Growing up in Dusseldorf, Armin lived in the home above the pastry shop his great-grandfather started in 1885. As the pastry shop was passed down to his son and his son’s son, the heritage and family recipes were also handed down. As a child, young Armin grew up in the bakery living and breathing the sights, tastes and touch of fine pastries.

Today, he is an accomplished pastry chef, having gained his Master Pastry Chef certification in Germany before coming to the United States. Chef Hack is pleased to share with Cincinnati his passion for pastries by offering the same quality and sweet attention to detail that has distinguished his family for four generations. Every Frieda’s sweet is a little masterpiece – each an edible work of art.